English Grammer and Composition

'English Grammer and Composition' is a series of eight books for class I to VIII. The series is carefully prepared keeping in mind both the teacher and the students. It providesfoundation to the students through effective learing and teaching of traditional and functional grammer and promoting self-learing at the primary stage itself. It is designed in accordance with the CCE(Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern. The Language used is simple, easy and clear. It contains numerous examples which are child-friendly as they have been taken from real life situations. 

Sparrow English Reader

The enriched Sparrow English reader is a series of ten books(Pre- Primer, Primer, 1-8. The series is based on the integrated approach of teaching language skills. The course complies with the NCF guideline - reading, writing, listening and speech contribute towards children's progress in all curriculum areas and develop their grammatical competence and language skills.