Social & Environmental Studies

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ICSE Social World

"Social World" is series of three books for class III, IV and V. In the books, an earnest attempt has been made to systematically cove the latest curriculum prepared and recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.   

Social World

The Series 'Social World' has designed for classes I to V. An earnest attempt has been made to systematically cover the relevant contents which are expected to mould the young children to become responsible and stalwart guardians of our environment. Attempts have been to accommodate the vast diversities of the people and communities of the country and the world. I hope, the series would enable the child to develop has mind so that he thoughtfully applies the knowledge and information in his day to day life.

Green World-Environmental Studies

'Green World' is a series of five books that familiarises  students with the environment. the key objective of this series is to motivate the student to become citizen commited to the conservations, preservation and protection of the enviroment. it help the student to strive toward living a better life in harmony with nature. it imparts knowledge through logical, sequential and attrective presentation of information about envionment and day-to-day life.