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Knowledge World (Series 1-8)

Interactive, well-researched and carefully graded, this General Knowledge series (1-8) covers a whole range of subjects like–Colours, Shapes, the Animal Kingdom, the Plant World, Environment, Literature, Sports, Countries of the World, Human, History, Computers, Science and Outer Space.


Computers play a vital role in education and have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. In order that students understand and appreciate the technological advances around them, it is important that they are well educated in the use of computers. Edugrow’s DIGITEK series for classes 1 to 8 has been designed keeping in view the needs of a young learner. Written in a child-friendly format, this
book facilitates real situations in learning computers and equips students for the future.

World of Science

'World of Science'  is a series of science textbook for classes 1 to 5. Designed by expert, this through and comprehensive series follows an activity-based approach and strives to build scientic skill in children. The knowledge imparted in this books is linked with everyday experiences which make learning an enjoyble journey.

Social World

The Series 'Social World' has designed for classes I to V. An earnest attempt has been made to systematically cover the relevant contents which are expected to mould the young children to become responsible and stalwart guardians of our environment. Attempts have been to accommodate the vast diversities of the people and communities of the country and the world. I hope, the series would enable the child to develop has mind so that he thoughtfully applies the knowledge and information in his day to day life.

Inspiration For Life

'Inspirations for Life' is a new step in teaching Value Educations.  The Writer has taken keen interest to present the theme in an attractive way, so that all the student, parents and teachers find it really intresting and educative.

Toward Enlightenment

"Toward Enlightenment" is a humble effort to guid the student to mould their lives based  on values. it is an effort to develop true patriotism in the mind of the children. it is an attempt to make them more religious in thier faith and prepare them to understand the feeling of the others in the society.

Math World

Math World is a series of mathematics books for classes UKG to V. The books strickly conform to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework 2005, Completely Based on the NCERT syllabus and totally comply with the requirements of the continuous and comprehensive Evaluations (CCE) scheme for more effective teaching and learing. The book are based on do-and-learn approach.

Speak Well Conversations

This series of six books on English Conversations will develop the basic skill of the Children. The more we converse in the particular language, the more we learn about it. This series will provide practical skill an ideas of speaking in English. The day to ady activities, illustrations and step by step increase in the knowledge level makes the matter easy to understand and follow.